Janis Jefferies: Sensual Technologies

  • ©, Janis Jefferies, Sensual Technologies
  • ©, Janis Jefferies, Sensual Technologies
  • ©, Janis Jefferies, Sensual Technologies


    Sensual Technologies

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Artist Statement:

    Sensual Technologies introduces garments that explore the relationship between the body and sensual/sensing technologies through performance and dynamic garments.

    Currente Calamo by Barbara Layne: The suite of garments feature handwoven
    LEDs in a flexible message board.

    Wearable Absence presents a minaframe in which clothing becomes the catalyst and filter within the process of retrieving rich media content according to biological data. The collaborative team at GDS involves the creation of dynamic garments and sensing wallpapers using specific paper technologies (m-real.com) and different sensing devices to create a rich database of image and sound. Wearable Absence is a collaborative project with Janis Jefferies and her research team at The Digital Studios at Goldsmiths College, University of London. Sensors embedded in the garments detect body states and present video, audio, still image and text files through the various presentation devices embedded in the garments. The clothing is connected to an online, dynamic database of rich media files, dedicated to a particular “absent” person.

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