Jen Southern, Chris Speed: Comob: Social and Environmental Mapping

  • ©, Jen Southern and Chris Speed, Comob: Social and Environmental Mapping


    Comob: Social and Environmental Mapping

Artist(s) and People Involved:




    iPhone gps application, processing visualisation, table, maps, data projection

Artist Statement:

    comob is an experiment in mapping environmental footprint and pollution through the spatial and social relationships between people in motion.

    Using the iPhone gps application comob we will produce live, mobile visualisations of the movements and connections between people rather than each individual’s track. Using their ‘collective’ body to detect, describe and demarcate issues that are central to sustainability and community, groups will contribute to a collective mapping of subjective responses to the invisible environmental characteristics of the city. By choosing to outline a space, or walk closer together and further apart in response to an urban system, participants will be simultaneously engaging in the discussion of both the subject matter and in the process of mapping it

    From negotiating a crowded shopping street to knowing how to find a friend’s house, we simultaneously negotiate both our own route through a place and our spatial relationship to other people, and in doing so, modify our movements to accommodate both. This workshop will experiment with mapping spatial relationships between people and how they modify movement through space.

    The relationships between people and spaces elicits a variety of responses, including intimacy, irritation, and exhilaration. We are interested in an awareness of where other people are and how that affects our experience of place. This workshop will look at how those relationships can be mapped, as live and moving visualisations, and in the playful uses of group mapping that emerge through practice on the ground.