“Shadow Net” by Jimmy McGilchrist, Matt Ditton, Tyler Solleder, Johan Dreyer

  • ©, Jimmy McGilchrist, Matt Ditton, Tyler Solleder, and Johan Dreyer, Shadow Net


    Shadow Net

Artist(s) and People Involved:



Artist Statement:

    How would you feel if your shadow wandered off to talk to someone else’s?! This interactive Kinect project prompts participants and viewers to reflect on the complex and often hidden relationships between people, networks and communities on the internet. The on-screen shadows of participants/passers by in Darwin and Sydney are integrated into a composite virtual scene,  broadcast on large public screens in the two cities. Abstracted by anonymity and physical separation, the shadows engage in intimate and playful, yet literally distant encounters; thus strangers engage in virtual relationships across vast distances, provoking contemplation of the impact of anonymity and intimacy in our ever expanding, highly networked world.