Joan Truckenbrod: Electronic Rituals: Voices of Fire

  • ©, Joan Truckenbrod, Electronic Rituals: Voices of Fire


    Electronic Rituals: Voices of Fire

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Artist Statement:

    Artist Statement

    Digital photographies at GLAZ’ART

    My images are the site of paradox. Beauty on the surface is pitted by the turmoil underneath that bubbles up serendipitously through the thin surface of the image. Looking out through the car windshield on a dark stormy night, the facial image is torn by shreds of the outside world flowing down the windshield with the pouring rain. It appears as an animating force peering out from behind the shadows, even more clear with the strikes of lightening. The image as ritual spirit has been summoned up by the pounding of the rain and the cover of the darkness. My «body world» experiences jarred my way of being in the world. The social world, the natural world and more so the intimate world warped like the chaotic molecules in the stretch of a rubber band. Words were silenced… simultaneously with an explosion of connections to the intimate dimensions of nature. Intensified in my everyday experience, wind brings tears as it patterns the sunshine with shadows of trees and undulating leaves. Colors embody light molecules themselves. charging molecules, reshaped with light as my patterns, patterns of my body, of my soul are reshaped with blasts of light. Winds moves the water, continuously reforming the pattern of one’s life, translucent layers move spontaneously to reveal and conceal simultaneously. Like firelight in a ceremonial dance protecting the secrecy of symbolic forms painted on one’s body.