Julian Bleecker: WiFi Artcache

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    WiFi Artcache

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Artist Statement:

    WiFi ArtCache is a mobile 802.11 WiFi node that provides an access point for curated, location-specific digital art. The machine exists independently of the public wired internet, but allows anyone within radio range to connect to it via the WiFi card on their laptop, PDA or any device that can use 802.11. Once connected, users are able to browse digital art objects, download them, or interact with them through the machine. What is particular about the digital art made available on the Art Cache machine is that it only exists while within radio range of the machines WiFi node. Once a user falls out of range of the machine – approximately 50 meters – the art objects dissipate. Weather travels; it has distances over which it has immediate effects, is anticipated, or presents unanticipated changes. The Art Cache machine behaves in a similar fashion. Mobility, travel, change, surprise and physical range of effect are all key concepts pertaining to the Art Cache machine. Like the weather, the digital art objects made available through machine rely on mobility and change as their expressive metaphors.


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