Karen D. Davis: CinePlay

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    Educational Program

Artist Statement:

    CinePlay is a simple, interactive educational program with which individuals can creatively explore the filmmaking process by combining digitized images and sounds in multiple ways. From a database involving four characters and cinematic action centered around one object (a giftwrapped package), users can construct an edited sequence of their own design. Thousands of possible sequences emerge from these image/sound combinations, spanning the range from conventional narrative scenarios to more experimental forms.

    CinePlay is designed to operate on any Quicktime-compatible Macintosh computer, and is appropriate for installation in a variety of learning environments including classrooms, libraries and other public settings. CinePlay enables users to acquire and develop a wide range of media literacy skills including editing, scripting, sound design, narrative construction and increased familiarity with the basic symbology of the audiovisual lexicon.

Other Information:

    The project directors are Karen (K.D.) Davis and Jan
    Millsapps. Programmer: Andrew Coven. Interface design: Grant Guenin.


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