Kazuya Sakai: Sky 15C

  • ©1989, Kazuya Sakai, Sky 15C


    Sky 15C

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    I have been all my artistic life a painter using traditional media like oil, acrylic or watercolors. But when around 7 years ago I learned the possibilities to use computer in the image making, I thought I found a new way to visualize my ideas in a quite different manner. My interest in the potential of the computer is not to make another version of my painting, but rather to find out the possibilities to make an image which I could not make in any other way. Regardless of the complexity of a given system I may be using, my concern is not with the mimetic aspect of image making neither in the degree of sophistication of the system. We know that computer art is still in its infancy. The future of this art does not rest in replacing one medium for another, but to create a new genre with its own structure and aesthetic principles which are not subject to the traditional art.


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