Keigo Yamamoto: Dice Instrument no.8

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    Dice Instrument no.8

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Artist Statement:

    The “Dice Instrument” is created by communication and collaboration of two persons or more at different remote stations. This can be described as a piece of network art incorporating “painting, ” “written characters, ” “a percussion instrument, ” “an interface between cyberspace and real space, ” and more. Let’s take its “painting” aspect as an example. The strength of each brushstroke and the brush movements (the movements of the painter’s hand) are captured by the sensors attached to the cube and transformed into sound. The sound varies with the strength and length of the touch of the brush. A person creates a painting, paying attention to the “strength of each brushstroke, and taking “Ma” (intervals) between brushstrokes, the “breath” of the brush movements and “silent time”(rest) into musical score. And he/she collaborates on the work with the other person via communication. The overall process is like a live performance where the sounds develop into a piece of music. The name of the game is to understand the importance of “exchange of inner messages” with people through” communication with people, ” and to explore an artistic approach to “a state beyond technology.”

    Features of this work are:
    1. A work through “exchange of inner messages” between people in a state beyond technology.
    2. A collaborative work– a dialogue or participatory type of art by means of the IP Broadband network.
    3. A work created by connecting or combining “cyberspace” with “real space”; anyone can enjoy or even participate in the live art performance using the Broadband Internet wherever else he may be in the world.


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