Kim Dotty Hachmann: Piktomovies

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Artist Statement:

    Piktomovies are short stories told with animated pictograms. They introduce a wilful individual grammar and syntax into the standardised system of pictographic signs. In the film, the pictogram, which is recognisable because it is codified, does not stand idle in accordance with the rules, but is instead turned against the codes. The Piktomovies borrow the strictness of a social convention in order to simultaneously go playfully, poetically, comically or absurdly against the grain. The rigid, regimented world of the pictogram is replaced by a poetical one. Against the definition of pictograms? pictograms are impersonal symbols? Piktomovies presents the position that pictograms are always evaluated in a strongly subjective way, because we humans are people and develop relationships with everything that surrounds us in order to explain our world. Everyone sees the world from their centre. Piktomovies profit from pictorial language in contrast to the written language, in that this type of language offers the opportunity to interpret their content verbally in various ways. Here, the requirement is much more that there is a shared world of ideas rather than a shared language. Through the effort to exclude every subjectively tinted pictorial language in the formation of the pictograms, a space for fantasy is created in Piktomovies, which enables the viewer to come up with their own interpretations of pictures and their contextual relationships.


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