“Kolman’s Kube” by Fred Kolman

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    Kolman's Kube

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Artist Statement:

    Who has not dreamed about his or her movements transformed into sound?

    In Fred Kolman’s interactive installation the spectator becomes the instrument and thereby the work of art is created. This entirely computer controlled installation transforms the movements of the head, hands, and feet into sounds, which the artist in advance had defined for specific areas of the room. It is Kolman’s aim to create a monument in the room rather than creating a composition of sounds that exist in time. Kolman himself gives performances, he does improvised dances inspired by the basic movements of Tai Chi. The perspective of ‘Kolman’s Kube’ are splendid, one could imagine dance and theater performances in which the music is controlled by the dancers’ movements. The installation could be moved out into the city and let thousands of people become instruments of a ‘street symphony’. It is a demand from an interactive work of art that the spectator participate in the creation of art, if not, it does not come into being.



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