Krista Steinke: Sun Notations

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    Sun Notations

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Artist Statement:

    Sun Notations is an experimental video that animates over 50 still pinhole photographs – a work that merges an early primitive process (pinhole photography) with new technology. The original images capture the pathway of the sun rising and setting over time, with exposures that last one day up to an entire year. Light leaks, dirt, dust, fingerprints, even rips in the paper, become part of the visual alchemy, and serve as metaphors for the delicate balance we share with the physical world. Here time and space expand, overlap, and then dissipate as clusters of dust appear like stars, insects fall from the sky, the landscape morphs into abstraction, and the sun traces across the screen like a drawing in motion. Throughout the work, references to creation and destruction call attention to both our immediate present but also to the grim possibility that our planet may not have a “forever”.
    Audio: Matt Steinke, Production Assistants: Ashley Lane & Annie Sungkajun




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