Kristian Lukic, Vladan Joler: Civilisation V

  • ©, Kristian Lukic and Vladan Joler, Civilisation V
  • ©, Kristian Lukic and Vladan Joler, Civilisation V


    Civilisation V

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Artist Statement:

    In Eastwood’s earlier ‘modification’ of Sid Meier’s seminal computer strategy game Civilization, Civilization IV players took the role of corporate IT workers. This work continues their project of mapping the aggressive military-capitalist tendencies of ‘real-time’ strategy and online worlds. Civilization V is a game that self-reflexively addresses the competition for dominance between new media companies working with so-called Web 2.0 technologies, such as Facebook, YouTube, and persistently online games such as Second Life and World of Warcraft. In order to advance through the game, companies will have to use tactics like ‘Emotional blackmail’, ‘Tribal marketing’ and ‘Love bombing’. The project is using recent researches and developments in the field of digital economy, online marketing and social networking.

Other Information:

    Eastwood in collaboration with G3 Lab.

    Eastwood – Real Time Strategy Group (Serbia) was founded byKristian Lukic and Vladan Joler in 2002. In their collaborative projects they create and use computer games as a tool for new visions of art and cultural practice.

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