Lauri Kilusk, Urmas Puhkan: Savibraator

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Artist(s) and People Involved:


Artist Statement:

    Savibraator is a co-operative project between ceramists and musicians initiated by Urmas Puhkan and Lauri Kilusk.

    Savibraator consists of spectacular audiovisual improvisation where music becomes visualized in clay, which in return forms different rhythms.

    The attractiveness of throwing clay appears mainly in the small details and transformations brought about by the turning of the wheel. In Savibraator, these details are amplified through video projection, and transformed through musical interpretation.

    The ceramists throw clay onto the wheel. The process is filmed and projected onto the wall. The images of the clay being worked provide improvisational inspiration to the musicians, and in return the music they play also inspires the ceramists, creating a circular system of collaboration.

    The result of clay throwing in this instance is not a traditional_ pot, but a collaborative experience of creation between the guest musicians and ceramists.


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