“Le Rayonnement du Corps Noir” by Hugo Deverchère

  • ©, Hugo Deverchère, Le Rayonnement du Corps Noir


    Le Rayonnement du Corps Noir

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Artist Statement:

    Galerie Sator, May 16-20 

    On the occasion of the 28th International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA2023) organized by Le Cube Garges, we will present the artist’s Cosmorama video in our Marais space.

    Shot in the surroundings of an observatory (in a lava desert where the NASA recently tested Martian rovers) and in a primitive forest which gives us an overview of the state of the world 50M years ago, the film uses a near-infrared imagery process with which astronomers usually observe the deep reaches of the universe. It also makes audible the light pulsations emitted by distant stars and galaxies by transposing radio-telescopes data into sound. By disrupting our usual spatiotemporal markers, Cosmorama allows the emergence of a sensitive and collective experience of pure perception.



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