“Les Rendez-vous de la Musique Concrete” by Pierre Schaeffer Research Centre

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    Les Rendez-vous de la Musique Concrete

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Artist Statement:

    The Pierre Schaeffer Centre hopes to create a place for free expression, open to all musical innovators using instruments (concrete, electroacoustical, acoustic, electronic), who will bring, for one evening, their works, their dreams and their experiments. Since 1998, in partnership with Instants Chavires, the Centre offers writers the possibility of coming to present their pieces in relation to other international creations. The composers enroll and diffuse on the spot (CD or DAT). The pieces or extracts of their works cannot be longer than 12 minutes. If they like, the musicians can practice using Instants Chavires on the same day.

    If it is impossible for some composers to be present at the meeting, they can send their chosen piece to the Pierre Schaeffer Centre, along with a note (biography, details of their project…).


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