Lisa Burnett: GEL#1

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Artist Statement:

    GEL#1 is a virtual arts festival. Artists, organizations, and collectives around Australia will be invited to put forward proposals for web-based work/events that involve the use of a CUseeme camera. 15 successful applicants will be supplied with a camera and a window of two to three months, during which they can experiment and create their work. An Artistic Director/Cyberturg will be appointed to provide content focus and curate these pieces into one cohesive website to deliver a week long program of events to coincide with ISEA97. Contemporary artspaces around Australia will be approached to showcase GELS#1  during the same week.
    This project is supported by Contact, a youth culture company that has a proven record in the delivery of projects that ensure access to equipment and skills for young artists. Contact is supported in this project by the Brisbane City Council (local government) through its local festivals grants program. Virtual Artists (Adelaide Cyberfringe) has offered to support the project with webspace, access to a Cuseeme reflector and technical support. Nervous — objects is currently seeking the support of QANTM CMC (Queensland and Northern Territory Multimedia) a Brisbane based co-operative multimedia centre (federal government initiative) and contemporary art spaces around Australia.


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