“Listening Space” by Afroditi Psarra, Audrey Briot

  • ©, Afroditi Psarra and Audrey Briot, Listening Space
  • ©, Afroditi Psarra and Audrey Briot, Listening Space
  • ©, Afroditi Psarra and Audrey Briot, Listening Space


    Listening Space

Artist(s) and People Involved:



    NOAA weather satellites’ audiovisual transmissions knitted into textiles

Artist Statement:

    Listening Space is an artistic research which explores transmissions ecologies as a means of perceiving the surrounding environment beyond our human abilities. Conceptually the project seeks to define transmissions ecologies as raw material for artistic expression, to understand and re-imagine in poetic means, representations of audio and images broadcasted from space, while regarding knitted textiles as a physical medium for memory storage and archiving. Through hands-on experimentation, we sought to intercept the NOAA weather satellites’ audiovisual transmissions using Software-Defined-Radio and hand-crafted antennas. The intercepted signals were then knitted into textiles named Satellite Ikats, as a means of physical archiving of the detection and decoding process.

    By investigating the energies that have been harvested by humanity to knit this complex layer, a turbulent sea of radio waves that penetrates the fabric of our everyday lives even if it remains unseen and unheard, we aim to create poetic connotations between textiles-as a means of data detection, collection and archiving, and bodies as agents of power to re-interpret current technologies through handmade crafting techniques. Specifically, by focusing on electromagnetic-field (EMF) and radio frequency (RF) detection, we aim to reclaim the depth of transmission ecologies, evolving at a higher rhythm than liveness, through our environment and bodies.

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