“Live Wheel | Roda Viva” by Sonia Guggisberg

  • ©2018, Sonia Guggisberg, Live Wheel | Roda Viva
  • ©2018, Sonia Guggisberg, Live Wheel | Roda Viva
  • ©2018, Sonia Guggisberg, Live Wheel | Roda Viva


    Live Wheel | Roda Viva

Artist(s) and People Involved:


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    Documental sound installation

Artist Statement:

    Live Wheel is a documental sound installation about the contemporaneous migration wave in Greece. Audio samples are organized in sound groups passing through sea crossing, boats and water noises, prayers and chants inside refugee’s camps, human steps and body sounds then building a soundscape.

    Live Wheel presents to public a reflectance about a remote reality: The gigantic migration wave in Europe. It is a sound documental work that brings the capacity of an artifact holding an immersive landscape, enabling to experience, test and incorporate the original noise strength in order to process the remote reality questions.

Technical Information:

    This installation has a technological system in different channels and a specific interface created to manage 300 files divided into 6 different groups. The audio samples are organized into sound groups, passing through sea crossing until the corrosive wait inside refugee camps for then build a soundscape. It is a generative sound system, where sounds rotate through space and are constantly being redrawn.


    Technical development: Matheus Leston
    Production assistant: Amanda Carvalho


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