Lucia Grossberger-Morales: CD-ROM: Sangre Boliviana

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    CD-ROM: Sangre Boliviana

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Artist Statement:

    Emigrating from Bolivia to the United States when I was three, was one of the most profound experiences of my life. Not only was I moving from the third world to the first world, from a rural town to one of the largest cities, I was also leaving an extended family, where I felt confident and safe. Emigrating to New York, I felt alien, lonely and helpless—despondent because few people in this new land understood my Spanish words. I felt I had lost my voice. I will never forget my fifth birthday. I swore someday I would find the “words” to tell my story. Multimedia is a powerful technology to tell stories—incorporating animation, sound, text and of course interactivity. On the Sangre Boliviana CD-ROM, by clicking on the word “WEB” from the main screen, the program connects to an accompanying internet site. The site poses questions referring to the content in the CD-ROM. Participants are encouraged to share their own experiences regarding issues of emigration, safety and loss. Their responses will then be available for others to read on the site. I never intended Sangre Boliviana to be strictly autobiographical. Rather it is a collage, where I have portrayed the information from my point of view. Creating Sangre Boliviana was an organic process. I would get an idea for a piece. It might be a story or dream, or maybe a festival or ritual. I would gather the information and images and let the piece dictate the interactive format.


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