“M-Ark (Microbiome Ark)” by Byron Rich, John Wenskovitch

  • ©, Byron Rich and John Wenskovitch, M-Ark (Microbiome Ark)


    M-Ark (Microbiome Ark)

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Artist Statement:

    M-Ark is a project that tackles the prospect of a future in which humanity has rendered our planet inhospitable; a prospect made all the more possible with the United States pulling out of the Paris Climate Treaty. M-Ark uses the philosophically compelling theory of panspermia, the notion that life is spread throughout the universe by comets, asteroids, planetoids, or even artificially as its core concept. M-Ark is a small satellite that carries on board a human microbiome, capitalizing on the hypothesis that human evolution was guided in part by our microbiome. This small satellite is designed to crash back down to earth at such a point that climate conditions have once again become favourable, kick-starting panspermia and possibly altering the evolutionary journey of another species.


    Allegheny College, Science Gallery Dublin