María Molina Peiró: One Year Life Strata

  • ©, María Molina Peiró, One Year Life Strata


    One Year Life Strata

Artist(s) and People Involved:




    3D print, code, computer, screens, speakers, mouse, wearable camera


    dimensions variable

Artist Statement:

    During one year María Molina Peiró carried a wearable camera taking a photo every 30 seconds. The enormous collection of photos collected by the camera are shown in an online archive that instead of “remembering” creates a creative amnesia of her year´s digital memory.
    One Year Life Strata proposes a visual metaphor of forgetting by transforming the digital images into what is likely the ultimate memory trace that will remain from us: The geological record. The project, in a sort of digital geology, mines the data from the strata and invites to investigate one year of María Molina Peiro´s life through an AI vision system which doesn’t concerned about the personal memories include on those photos but in the collection of patterns and numbers they contain.




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