Mark Amerika, Chad Mossholder: FILMTEXT 2.0

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    FILMTEXT 2.0

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    FILMTEXT 2.0 is a digital narrative for cross-media platforms. The present version consists of a Flash art work, an mp3 concept album, an experimental artist ebook, a live performance, and a DVD installation. For ISEA2002, source material from the FILMTEXT 2.0 website created in collaboration with Flash artist John Vega will be remixed by Mark Amerika and the sound artist Twine. FILMTEXT 2.0 expands the concept of writing so that it now becomes a form of interactive cinema, where image ecriture becomes narrativized as hyper rhetorical performance. Highlighting moving images captured by Amerika in Hawaii, Tokyo, and the Australian Outback, FILMTEXT 2.0 is the second iteration of a series of investigations tracing the Life Style Practice of the Digital Thoughtographer and his search for the meaning of life as he analyzes the artificial intelligence of alien light forms.


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