Mark Fell: Attack on Silence

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    Attack on Silence

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    Attack on Silence is a series of works initiated by Fell in January 2008 following an invitation from his friend and colleague Mat Steel to submit a work for the POV event (Wanchai, Hong Kong 2008). For this, Fell developed an almost entirely static computer generated audio-visual piece that he described as a “reaction against the highly dynamic VJ style performances” of his peers. In this piece, visual patterns are not plotted in response to a real time analysis of sound, but instead elementary relationships between sound and image are specified at an algorithmic level that is prior to both sound and image. Initially intended as a computational exploration of extremely simple visual and sonic structures present in both sacred geometries and technological interventions in mind control, this work developed into a series of screenings, performances, print and a DVD. In his most recent work in this series, subtitled Isomorphism and Totality, Fell works with a blurred radial image and minute spectral change prompting one to consider if the perceived image exists on the screen or retina; the viewer becomes acutely aware of their mental activity and inability to focus on the image as their perceptual system struggles to make sense of the environment it encounters. (from


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