Maurice-Georges Dyens: Vertigo Terrae

  • ©, Maurice-Georges Dyens, Vertigo Terrae


    Vertigo Terrae

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Artist Statement:

    This multimedia work reflects the existential concept of man in his environment. It develops in time and space thanks to a computer-assisted electronic system. It’s three parts are: The Holosculpture, a concept of our world through stones, holograms and music; The Words, projected in the space while the action of the holosculpture is subtly slowed down; and a video, Vertigo terrae, projected on a wide screen and giving another feeling of the same concern. Electroacoustic music: Marcelle Deschénes, Editing: Gabrielle Schloesser, Electronics: Martin Pelletier, Assistent: Raynald Tremblay. This installation has been made possible by the Canada Council, the Université du Québec é Montréal and MGD Productions (Montréal).


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