Max Kazemzadeh, Reza Michael Safavi: Colombiritmos: Manizales Coffee Drip

  • ©, Max Kazemzadeh and Reza Michael Safavi, Colombiritmos: Manizales Coffee Drip


    Colombiritmos: Manizales Coffee Drip

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Artist Statement:

    Columbiritmos” (“Columbi”: Columbia “ritmos”: Algorithms) is an interactive, digital, kinetic, geo-location performance project that uses algorithmic functions calculated in a custom GPS tracking phone application to direct the field-user to navigate the city of Manizales, which is presently the main center for the production of Columbian coffee. Influenced by the Situationists who, before the time of computer code, experimented with numerous rules for navigating Paris with the intention of breaking from routine to re-experience Paris from new perspectives, “Columbiritmos” will use a custom phone app that, when the phone is shaken, uses an algorithm to direct field-users to move in specific directions for specific distances, sample local coffee that is GPS tracked for region of the city, listen to and transmit GPS located stories acquired from the locals, which are all transmitted back to the gallery space to activate of multiple automated kinetic coffee dispensers that deliver coffee with varying degrees of intensity from areas within that region to gallery visitors. Depending on the passenger experience as they navigate, the phone application directs the field-user to respond to a “field- intensity” meter, which in effect makes stronger or weaker cups of coffee for gallery visitors.