Melinda Rackham: Empyrean: soft skinned space

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    Empyrean: soft skinned space

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Artist Statement:

    Empyrean is a soft space constructed on the internet in Virtual Reality Modelling Language, a universe parallel to the hard spaces we inhabit each day. It contains seven unique and intertwined immersive e-scapes – order, truth, beauty, strangeness, charm, chaos, and void, each scape revealing additional layers of theoretical and poetic text, and imagery drawn from both the microscopic and macroscopic The work is an investigation of the colonization of the virtual – addressing the pioneering metaphor that has infested 3D on the web as many try to remake online virtual space as a poor imitation of their everyday life. Empyrean deliberately destabilises the viewer by omitting the familiar horizon line … the space moves, it is soft, there is no defined place to anchor oneself against. Each viewer is encouraged to transverse the otherworldly yet oddly familiar domains, not by clicking to follow pre-scripted pathways, but by sensory awareness with infinite navigational options thorough the joystick interface. Once inside the Empyrean we are transparently and softly embodied, interacting as Avatars – cellular and/or electronic constructions that have no human characteristics whatsoever. These Avatars may communicate with each other by sound and gesture, for example they may squeak, squawk, blink, gurgle, giggle, blush, or go opaque, or perhaps even disappear, as well as via a more traditional text interface developed under the worlds Open Source V-net Sewer. The soundscape designed by Mitchell Whitelaw is an integral part of the immersion within the space. The spatialised sound is attached to each etheric object, which have their own momentum and trajectory, so once inside the world the distinctive sound of each zone is constantly shifting around the viewer’s Avatar. By using VRML to explore the three-dimensional spatiality of the internet I am constructing something other, a place that is sensory in an electronic way, a space that is both external and Internal. Here each viewer is the center of their own machine constructed reality, while their avatars are consumed to become part of the larger art work. The purpose of Empyrean is to remind us that we are the creators of our own simultaneously subjective and objective viewpoint.

    Empyrean has been produced by the efforts of many people, most importantly Sound Design by Dr Mitchell Whitelaw, with additional scripting and modelling by Horst Kiechle.


    Empyrean is supported by the Australia Council for the Arts, Vislab Sydney, Banff Center for the Arts, Canada, and The College of Fine Arts, UNSW, Australia.


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