“MetaBook: Book of Luna” by Lauren Fenton, Clea T. Waite

  • ©, Lauren Fenton and Clea T. Waite, MetaBook: Book of Luna
  • ©, Lauren Fenton and Clea T. Waite, MetaBook: Book of Luna


    MetaBook: Book of Luna

Artist(s) and People Involved:



Artist Statement:

    2013, interactive media,  display objects  

    The Book of Luna, a transmedia Meta-Book is a physical, illuminated manuscript merging sculpture and film and literature. It is a tactile poem in a cinema of pages integrating text and paper with embedded media technology. Its subject is a lyrical history of humanity’s empirical and allegorical relationship with the Moon.
    MetaBook: The Book of Luna is presented as an electronic Wunderkammer. An expanded cinema installation combining text, sculpture, interactive media, magic tricks, and dynamic video within the enclosed architecture of a tabletop object, The Book of Luna narrates a poetic essay about the Moon’s place in the historical imagination. The nature of love, madness, the unknown, and our capacity for the sublime are amongst the intellectual passions that have crystallized around our only satellite