Michael A. Morris: The Hermeneutics Cycle

  • ©2012 – 2015, Michael A. Morris, The Hermeneutics Cycle


    The Hermeneutics Cycle

Artist(s) and People Involved:



Creation Year:

    2012 – 2015


    Expanded Film Performance (16mm Film Projection, Custom Software, Digital Projection)

Artist Statement:

    The works in The Hermeneutics Cycle displace the role of the reader and the text onto moving image technologies that are in some ways alien to one another. Each work initiates an encounter between technologies with their own inherent way of reading and interpreting information in order to exploit the artifacts produced in the process. Second Hermeneutic and Third Hermeneutic are the two most recent entries in the cycle. Both works are expanded films that are performed in real time.

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