Michael Schneider, Kenneth Haller, Riyako Horimizu, Kentaro Okuda: Networked Rockers

  • ©, Michael Schneider, Kenneth Haller, Riyako Horimizu, and Kentaro Okuda, Networked Rockers


    Networked Rockers

Artist(s) and People Involved:



Artist Statement:

    Networked Rockers consists of two pairs of rocking chairs, each located in a different part of the C4F3. The chairs each emit a different part of a sonic score according to how they are rocked. People sitting next to one another are able to create harmonies and rhythms together, encouraging communication and play. Each of the of chairs has a partner chair in the other location. When a person sits down and starts rocking, a tone is emitted both locally and from the partner chair. This way, people can communicate remotely, both through movement and by creating songs with one another.