Molecular Queering Agency by Mary Maggic

  • ©, Mary Maggic, Molecular Queering Agency
  • ©, Mary Maggic, Molecular Queering Agency


    Molecular Queering Agency

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Artist Statement:

    Our world is an alien landscape filled with toxicities. Thanks to petrochemical, agricultural, and pharmaceutical industries, we live in a toxic landscape that has been colonized by hormones. These endocrine disrupting molecules are able to transfect change at the morphological level, queering our bodies and bodies of non-human species. But there is no need for sex panic. The Molecular Queering Agency will guard you against the old notion of a stable body, extracting hormones from bodily fluids (urine) and ecological fluids (rivers). From xeno-forces arise xeno-solidarities, capable of collectively hacking the systems of hormonal colonization.




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