Molly Soda:

  • ©2015 - ongoing, Molly Soda,


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Creation Year:

    2015 - ongoing


    Digital art

Artist Statement: is both an artist’s portfolio and a diary: bringing together images, videos and hypertexts scattered and juxtaposed on a web page in the manner of a collage. The heterogeneous contents—from kitschy thumbnails of sexy girls to animated GIFs and numerous videos—constitute self-representations, as well as fantasized or stereotyped images of young women.

    The artist’s online interventions play precisely on the blurring between public and private, reality and fiction, and create a distinct and coherent persona as images of herself and intimate “confessions” multiply. Soda’s work is situated in this gap between belonging to cyberculture and critically or ironically distancing from its norms. More specifically, questions the place of girls and women on the web by portraying an adolescent femininity, both excessive and vulnerable, and reveals the role of social networking platforms for self-representation.


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