Morten Schjødt: Switching

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    Interactive Film

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    Camera 12. Director’s Cut

    Danish director Morten Schjodt presents the U.S. premiere of his interactive film, Switching, winner of the Prix Mobius Nordica 2005 in France, and the Cyberloup Prize at the Festival International du Nouveau Cinema et Nouveau Medias 2003 in Montreal. Switching is a love story that allows you to slip into a storytelling labyrinth where you simultaneously unfold and disrupt the narrative. Released on DVD in April 2003, Switching is one of the first commercial successes to radically insert interactivity into storytelling and narrative technique.
    Frida and Simon live together, but something has changed. They can’t really communicate any more. One night, Frida turns on the light in their bedroom to try and understand what is wrong. Frida starts the difficult process of creating a new story around herself and Simon. A process in which we often feel that ourselves and others are adversaries. As a user of the film, you are drawn into this game. The process – the creation of a story – is therefore an important part of the experience.


    Support of the Canadian Film Centre’s Habitat New Media Lab


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