“Naldjorlak I, II, III” by Éliane Radigue

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    Naldjorlak I, II, III

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Artist Statement:

    Naldjorlak is an acoustic composition by electronic music pioneer Éliane Radigue, whose unique characteristic is working with the arp synthesizer. The Tibetan title of the composition Naldjorlak refers to the motion of all life towards unity. Initially developed for Charles Curtis, Radigue extended the piece later to a subtle trilogy of fine, vibrant sounds. Naldjorlak was premiered in Bordeaux at the contemporary art museum (CACP) in 2009.

    Curtis has gained long-time experience in transposing electronic music e.g. by interpreting La Monte Young or Terry Jennings. He plays with a deep insight into the musical arrangements; the arrangement was developed cooperatively by the two artists and with special respect to Curtis’ own musical technique.

    Radigue wrote Naldjorlak II for the two renowned basset horn players Carol Robinson and Bruno Martinez. The evening will be concluded by a performance of Naldjorlak III, with an introduction by the composer and the three instrumentalists playing a trio.

    1. Éliane Radigue: composition
    2. Charles Curtis: cello
    3. Carol Robinson: basset horn
    4. Bruno Martinez: basset horn


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