“Naxos” by Nathalie Guimbretière

  • ©, Nathalie Guimbretière, Naxos



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Artist Statement:

    Naxos began with a meeting between artists and researchers from four disciplines: visual arts, music, writing and astrophysics to co-create a singular artistic universe. The resulting work is an eight-minute film that, by activating instruments and data linked to space research, interrogates not only the transmission forms of science, but those of art. The delineated space thus reveals itself as an imagination engine and a magnifying lens on the contemporary mechanisms at work on our planet, and interrogates the Earth’s present state and our ways of inhabiting it.

    The technology at work dissimulates itself to leave room for a physical feeling; organic, profoundly linked to the seismic signals of the stars. This film explores via digital, sonic and textual mediums notions of tension, equilibrium and suspension linked to the idea that our world is a limitless sphere constituted with a plurality of centres. We make use of the possibilities unlocked by digital and multimedia technologies to outline sensorial relations and generate unpredictable interactions between the living and the universal. The digital environment engages spatio-temporal modifications of the space with differed and real-time play.


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