“Night Visions” by Celeste Haraszti

  • ©, Celeste Haraszti, Night Visions


    Night Visions

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Artist Statement:

    Night Visions by the Electric Arts Duo, integrates the media elements of electric clarinet, dancer and virtual reality video. Movements of the dancer control MIDI computer music and the projected video images and animations. The audiences see the dancer moving in front of a dark curtain and within a projected video system at the same time. Although the dancer moves freely in space, she is able to touch icons that appear in the video space. When she touches one of these icons in video space she is able to trigger either a video or musical event. Thus, the music is a combination of the electric clarinet and MIDI voice modules controlled by the dancer.

    Celesta Haraszti, dancer
    Burton Beerman, clarinet and electronics


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