Nils Völker: One Hundred and Eight

  • ©, Nils Völker, One Hundred and Eight
  • ©, Nils Völker, One Hundred and Eight
  • ©, Nils Völker, One Hundred and Eight


    One Hundred and Eight

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Artist Statement:

    One Hundred and Eight is a wall-mounted installation mainly made out of garbage bags and cooling fans. The bags are selectively inflated and deflated in controlled rhythms, creating wavelike animations across the wall. One Hundred and Eight, exhibited in ISEA2011 Uncontainable, became the starting point for a series of installations based upon the inflating and deflating of cushions made from different materials. The largest one was made from 252 large silver bags for the exhibition captured  – a homage to Light and Air. This was followed by further site specific installations such as Thirty Six Art for Lab Gnesta, Forty eight for the Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery, Seventy Five  for Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts in Taipei and Eighty Eight commissioned by the Gewerbemuseum, Winterthur, Switzerland. Nils Völker’s most recent work is 64 CCFL, a light installation that is mainly made with so-called cold cathode fluorescent lights which are normally used as backlights for computer screens.

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