Nobuyuki Inaba, Takaaki Shimbori: LAN!!

  • ©, Nobuyuki Inaba and Takaaki Shimbori, LAN!!



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Artist Statement:

    The future is being made by image. <The picture of the future expectation> wasn’t drawn by the special person one day, it began to be drawn by the unspecified people little by little. Therefore, itself become the picture of purpose, and it doesn’t matter who and how produce it. It become to have such power that can decide the destination of the world though it was only a imagination. exist beyond the time and the space, and pervert, mingle. The word that should be originally neutral contains the age that is the spirits of the words and , and that become to have the power which towed the world. That’s right, we are just led unconsciously like sheep raised by shepherd. Although we have a lot of alternatives, the world is choked up toward the picture of expectation and disappointed, blocked. Therefore, GUNDAM doesn’t appear. So, EVANGELION and TOTORO, DORAEMON are also the world of imagination after all. On, well! The future waiting for us is such a wonderful and boring world. It was made bored by us, so it will go on expected – harmoniously, and end. Don’t forget, however, the future isn’t decided.

    The future dreamed in the past days made us recall the sweet world irresponsibly. All is solved there, there is nothing to matter, and the technology is all-round on the all things. Whether it’s good or not, those days were running at full speed in the all things. That is completely opposite days to now. That’s it. I see. That’s right. We forget it, but it’s so. The technology can solve all, so the world is still filled with happiness and affection. There are no diseases and the poverty. Well, we shall disappear from the world. Then, we shall run at full speed for the future. We will head to the sweet world like a dream with mowing away all our belongs. With the understanding that we have self-contradiction, it’s only one choice of the alternatives. In this way, a story is added to again, today.


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