Nohlab Studio: Arium

  • ©, Nohlab Studio, Arium
  • ©, Nohlab Studio, Arium



Artist(s) and People Involved:




    Haze, light, sound, video, wood, plexiglass

Artist Statement:

    Arium is an audiovisual holographic installation, formed by the projection of images onto a plexiglas box filled with hazer. Using both hazer and mapping technology, the result is nowhere near a classic mapping, a huge semi- transparent holographic projection creating a 3D effect.
    By incarcerating light in a glass container, light waves are manipulated, revealing the various possible forms. This way, the reality we know shatters, and a different kind of reality unveils.
    Directly born out of the concept of Lux Aeterna, Arium aims to contain the light and transform it into visuals, altering the reality. Physics of light embody hallucinations in the air.
    The divine and immortal light change shape yet not the quality, while the forming visuals expand and have a three-dimensional identity. Light escapes but is refound in the optics of the human eye and neurons in the brain. Where light ceases to exist, another entity in the form of the shadow is born. Penumbra carries Umbra whereas Umbra reforce Penumbra to life and light.




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