Nonsection: hearing colors

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    hearing colors

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    The environment which surrounds a color and sound is changing a lot. It is known well that a color and sound have a close relation with people. In this work, we cause color-sound synesthesia to people. And we want to investigate thoroughly whether the sound of which people are reminded from a color is similar, and whether it is different. Although there is analysis of a color and an associative word in the present color plan, there are few examples of changing the associative word to an actual sound. The association of the color by actual sound without language enables deep analysis of color-sound synesthesia. The result of this analysis gives the new viewpoint of a color image. When considering the relation between a color and sound, the difference in the color cognition by living environments is also important. For example, the color and sound according to the season exist in scenery of Japan. Furthermore, as Goethe pointed out, the action of each color affects feeling and emotion. Thus, although it is difficult to determine the relation with a color and life sound uniformly, we can acquire a different viewpoint from the present color theory through this work. Simultaneously, we can recognize the difference among various culture. That is, we can feel “Orai (communication)” of feeling with people of a different living environment with this work.


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