“Nova” by Serious Computer Group (SCG)

  • ©, Serious Computer Group (SCG), Nova
  • ©, Serious Computer Group (SCG), Nova
  • ©, Serious Computer Group (SCG), Nova



Artist(s) and People Involved:



    Responsive video installation

Artist Statement:

    Nova is a responsive video installation. The work is a study of waves, in which a software system combines video footage of water and synthesized graphics to generate evolving visual patterns in real time. These patterns gradually adapt to movement in the work’s environment, creating a contemplative relationship between Nova and its viewers.

    At the heart of Nova is a set of visual compositions in which subtle, shifting colours play across imagery that is simultaneously familiar and alien. While the projections appear tranquil at a passing glance, focused attention reveals an intricate tapestry of movement unfolding in time.

    As a complex generative system, composing images with Nova involves relating to the computer as if it were a collaborator rather than an inanimate tool. We are interested in developing this communicative form of composition through the use of machine learning and artificial life techniques. In the context of ISEA2020, we will be in residence at 4th Space actively experimenting with these methods in order to expand and accelerate our exploration of Nova’s aesthetic possibilities.




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