“Nwavu, the Blind Man” by João Graça, João Roxo, Alexandre Coelho

  • ©, João Graça, João Roxo, and Alexandre Coelho, Nwavu, the Blind Man


    Nwavu, the Blind Man

Artist(s) and People Involved:




    Short animation film

Art Event Affiliation:

    Anima Estúdio Criativo

Artist Statement:

    Nwavu, the Blind Man is a short animation film in the development stage. It’s a film that proposes to combine a tale adapted from the Mozambican oral tradition with the visual aesthetic of the Batik, which is one of the most iconic artistic expressions of our culture. The animation appears in this case as a privileged means to give a second life to this tales in risks of extinction. The process behind the making of this animated film is an experimental one. All the Characters and Backgrounds will be created as batiks and thereafter, we will scan, rig and animate with digital media. Oral storytelling tradition is our starting point, the will to revitalize this tradition and take it to a contemporary medium, recontextualizing while simultaneously preserving it.