“Ode to Yves” by Amy Arntson

  • ©, Amy Arntson, Ode to Yves


    Ode to Yves

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Artist Statement:

    As an artist, educator and communicator I am interested in mixed media, multidisciplinary investigations using computer, photography and painting techniques. The computer has a non linear nature that can access, assimilate and manipulate visual data, scrambling notions of time and place. Combining old and new techniques with old and new visual images is a way of investigating the links between who we have been and who we are becoming. Nostalgia for a world of firmly fixed values mingles with curiosity and faith in newly emerging forms. Ode to Yves (Yves Tanguy) sets a computer manipulated duratrans image as a backlit screen for a surrealistic space. This space is created inside a house/temple structure equipped with fresnel lenses for magnification.


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