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    Crosscurrents: New Media Art

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    Crosscurrents: New Media Art is the collective title of a three-part exhibition of new media art that together comprise a cross cultural discourse on art, sound, image and object that is being presented by the Osage Art Foundation and the Shenzhen Fine Art Institute at Osage Singapore in association with the Singapore Arts Festival.

    Crosscurrents includes work drawn from the exhibitions Sharing Memory by Beijing-based artists Qiu Zhijie and Jin Jiangbo, Ambient Art by Hong Kong artist Kingsley Ng and Dancing with Frequencies — a new site specific work by Singaporean artist Zulkifle Mahmod.

    This exhibition of new media art from Beijing, Hong Kong and Singapore is a form of international cultural exchange that helps to focus attention on the importance of regional and cultural uniqueness.


    Supported by the Arts Development Fund of the Home Affairs Bureau, the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and the National Arts Council, Singapore.


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