“Out Of Space (Pic Epeiche/Great Spotted Woodpecker)” by Marie Lelouche

  • ©, Marie Lelouche, Out Of Space (Pic Epeiche/Great Spotted Woodpecker)


    Out Of Space (Pic Epeiche/Great Spotted Woodpecker)

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    Fusion of the Possible, Topographie de l’art, April 15 – June 15

    Printing on fabric: Sublimation on artificial silk, 10 x 3 m
    Volume: CNC machining on okoume, 2600 x 2600 x 620 mm
    Courtesy of the Alberta Pane gallery, and Adagp, Paris. Out Of Spaces was produced in partnership with the Contemporary Art Center The Tanneries in Amilly.

    Out Of Space (Pic Epeiche/Great Spotted Woodpecker) is part of the Unforeseen Spaces exhibition.

    The development of the virtual reality work entitled Unforeseen Spaces benefited from the support system for multimedia and digital artistic creation from DICRéAM, CNC — National Center for Cinema and Animated Images. The sonic dimension of the work Unforeseen Spaces is based, in part, on the use of bird song recognition programs/software BirdNET and BirdNET-Pi as well as from the collaborative online avian sound library XENO CANTO, thanks to the recordings by Peter Boesman, Jorich van Arneym, Frank-Udo Tielman, Grzegorz Lorek, Jerome Fischer, Larss Edenius, Jorge Leitano, Tristan Guillebot, Jarek Matusiak, Mateusz, Erik Roels, Sylvan Schnabel, Alin Malengreau, Norbert Uhlhaas, Bodo Sonnenburg, Brickegickel, Toon Jansen, Frederik Fluyt, Hans Matheve, Twan Mols, Florian Kubala,Bernard Bousquet, Fabian Deck, all under Creative Commons License. [Translated from french by Google Translate]

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