“Outside In” by Tamara Munzner

  • ©, Tamara Munzner, Outside In
  • ©, Tamara Munzner, Outside In
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    Outside In

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Artist Statement:

    Artist Statement by Delle Maxwell

    “Outside In” is the result of collaboration between mathematicians, programmers, and designers. We developed a great deal of custom software in addition to to thank Silvio Levy and Tamara Munzner (the other two directors), Nathaniel Thurston, Stuart Levy, David Ben-Zvi, Daeron Meyer, and all of the other contributors.

    “The Geometry Center” is the informal name for the National Science and Technology Center for the Computation and Visualization of Geometric Structures, based at the University of Minnesota.

    See related paper ‘Inside Out‘ by Delle Maxwell



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