“Parabolic People (1 & 2)” by Sandra Kogut

  • ©, Sandra Kogut, Parabolic People (1 & 2)
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    Parabolic People (1 & 2)

Artist(s) and People Involved:


Artist Statement:

    2 of a series of 10x3min films

    What is the difference between a window and a television?

    In the streets of Paris, Moscow, New York, Tokyo, Rio and Dakar, Sandra Kogut invited the passers-by to use individually, during 30 seconds, a booth equipped with a camera. From that elementary situation, she worked out Parabolic People, to talk about the connections between people, that exist beyond the cultural or linguistic barriers.
    This series is ment to be shown in any country with no need to add subtitles or translation. Moments of breathing, humour, emotion, pleasure, Parabolic People is a joyous essay of a ”universal” TV piece.



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