“Particle” by Alex Posada

  • ©, Alex Posada, Particle
  • ©, Alex Posada, Particle



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Artist Statement:

    “The Particle” is a kinetic sculpture that experiments with color, sound, and movement. Continuous rotation, speed, and light create visual points of view, effects that define the spatial structure of the object.
    Given that the regulatory mechanism of the entire design is based on random decision-making, the new models naturally emerge from the previous ones. The vibration of sound, color, and visual patterns evolve into chaos or order according to the evolutionary algorithms that govern it. The structures generated in this process cannot be anticipated and evolve through continuous iterations that involve alterations to the programs and explore the changes through the interaction with the visitor and the software. The object, at the same time, is a space of sensory and kinesthetic experience, a body with its own internal resonance. The result is the creation of shapes and patterns of light in three dimensions. These shapes can stop, rotate and move faster or slower creating beautiful kinesthetic effects. The technique used is the perception of apparent movement, that is, the one obtained from the observation of sequences of still images projected successively on a movie screen or on television, or on a computer monitor. This visual effect, also called persistence of vision (POV), is the theoretical ability of the eye (or retina) to retain the last image that reaches it, causing an object to be perceived even when it is no longer there.
    Around the space occupied by the sculpture, a surround-sound space is perceived, which reacts and merges with movement and light, creating an immersive audiovisual experience of great beauty.
    The piece uses RGB LED technology controlled wirelessly from a computer. Custom software manages all information and movement in real-time by continuously sending data to the sculpture to change its state.


    This project has been awarded with the ISEA2022 Barcelona Grant by .Beep Collection and NewArtFoundation


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  • ISEA2022: Posada_Particle
  • ISEA2022: Posada_Particle
  • ISEA2022: Posada_Particle



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