Paul Vanouse, Joan Linder: Peoples PCR

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    Peoples PCR

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Artist Statement:

    Site-based, low-tech, non proprietary, free-range, Peoples PCR is an experimental project by New York-based artists Paul Vanouse and Joan Linder. Predicated on Do-lt-Yourself locating, collecting, and incubating of Thermus aquaticus (an organism native to thermal springs and at the heart of contemporary biotechnology), the artists utilize geothermal features of Northern New Mexico to “take back” molecular biology. Peoples PCR presentations and interactive installations are featured during NeoRio, an annual outdoor public symposium and celebration at the Wild Rivers Recreation Area near Ouesta, New Mexico. This special project was facilitated by LEAP and hosted by the BLM Taos Field Office. Documentation of Peoples PCR can be found online: