Peter Svedberg: Untitled

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    Packed glass and TV sets

Artist Statement:

    My intention is to transform the TV picture beyond the ‘corpus’ of the TV-set, to take a step out of the given process in which the picture passes through the camera until it comes out as a representation in the TV-set. Both the camera and the TV-set are in a way ‘containers’ with a ‘glassed’ window towards the world. What I do is that I let the TV image pass through an additional ‘container’ of ‘glass’ in front of the TV-set. So the ‘glass-container’ is the primary object whether it’s shaped as a camera, TV or a glassobject, while the picture as such, is secondary and variable.

    The representations in my glass objects are exchangable and can receive any signal broadcasted.This allows me to be a part of the audience, face to face with my own production.


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