“PHANTASMsex/schemeland-3D” by David McDowell

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Artist Statement:

    PHANTASMsex/schemeland is an animated passage through dimensions of sub-erotic figment and phantasm. Its premise is loosely based upon a diagram by Sigmund Freud, which attempted to conceptually map the circuits for sexual attraction and libidinal drive. PHANTASMsex/schemeland animates a circuit through an illusionary psychosexual space absently haunted by sub-erotic spectres. In its installation version, PHANTASMsex/schemeland is presented as a projection of an endlessly repeating loop of the animation at varying frame rates. The screened version presents one loop of the animation at a steady, full motion frame rate.

    The animation was largely produced at the Digital Art Research Facility Tasmanian School of Art, University of Tasmania.


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